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Powercatia is a very resourceful Catia V5 course designed and powered with Engineering aided techniques and customized for users with a facility to deliver it at their doorsteps. Strong and Practical knowledge based Engineering methodologies interfaced with Catia V5 Tutorials are used in delivering Catia V5 classes.
Powercatia uses years of Engineering Design Expertise applied with Catia V5 Training Modules.

Our mission is to provide innovative and focussed Catia V5 Training and solutions to our customers.

Powercatia aims to be a single source for all the Catia V5 requirements of the Automobile,Aerospace,Structural and Machinetool industry sectorby various means like providing trained Catia manpower to these sectors by way of both long term and short term Inhouse courses , extending Catia aided consultancy services , provide research and development backup in order to produce technology outputs, act as a depository of all relevant information and knowledge and most importantly to provide an interface among the industry and educational and research institutes.


Guaranteed POWERFUL Catia V5 Training,delivered in short timeframe and affordable price